Chinese Heritage Of Recreation and Dance (CHORD)

The United Chinese Americans of Fargo Moorhead (UCAFM) is proudly announcing our newest affiliate - Chinese Heritage Of Recreation and Dance (CHORD). CHORD derives from one of UCAFM’s missions of promoting culture and art, collaborates with the local community and businesses to unfold the Chinese culture through showcasing various dances and other art forms, and encourages self-actualization needs of all ages.

Committee Member:
Lexy Liu, Chair
Arya Wang, Co-Chair
Annie Tangpong, Co-Chair

Art Performances and Activities

Traditional chinese folk dance, chinese ethnic dance, ballroom dance, kids/youth group dance, pop dance, traditional and western instruments, Kungfu, Chinese crafts and language.


Ode to the Beautiful Ladies

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This dance piece reenacts the emperor’s harem in Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907), where the beautiful ladies socialize with each other and hide their lust for power. Instead of synchronized choreography, CHORD added a taste of individuality among dancers to interpret the dynamic in this story.


Nymphs of the Luo River

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Similar to Daphne in the Greek Mythology, the nymphs of the Luo River are associated with water and spring. This dance cover is a classic, featured by talented dancers of CHORD. It is one of the most popular pieces among fans.


Peacocks By The Lake

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Peacock Dance is a signature variation of Dai Dance (ethnic dance originated from Yunnan Province), which is famous for its “peacock-like” moves and the stunning costume. This particular routine paints a lovely picture of the mother & daughter peacocks playing by the lake. The interaction is cute and heart-warming.



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Another dance cover from CHORD young dancers- "Wannabe".


Colorful Kites

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“Colorful kites” is a traditional umbrella dance. Dancers' soft and fluid movoements resemble the wind element, and their umbrellas are the kites. Dancers will be dancing in Qi Pao - a popular dress in 1920s.



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K-pop dance “Panorama” by our talented young dancers at the Fargo Street Fair!


Grain in Ear 芒种

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Grain in Ear is the 9th solar term in the Asian culture, it usually begins on 6/5 and ends on 6/20. This is the fastest growing time for crops and farmers are getting busy. This Chinese fan dance+jazz piece “grain in ear” is bought to you by Yechun, Annie, May and Li, wishing you a season of harvest of joy.

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