Officers & Executive Committee

UCAFM board's officers initiate, plan, and organize scheduled board meetings; address concerning association matters; recommend the hiring of any paid staff, including but not limited to the executive director, to the board for approval; are the spokespersons for the association. The board stipulates UCAFM’s objectives, enacts and interprets the association’s by-laws and other policies, and oversees Executive Committee’s implementation of these objectives and policies.

UCAFM Officers & Committees

Jun Yang

President & Public Relationship

"Work together with our talented UCAFM officer, we will try to strengthen the connections within our Chinese community, enrich our lives, and seek the opportunities to support other local communities."

Yuyan Xue

Vice President

Haihui Pei


XiuYa Feng


Stephen Welle

Legal Consultant

Attorney, O’Keeffe O’Brien Lyson Foss

"I became involved with UCAFM because the entire Fargo-Moorhead community will be strengthened and enriched by greater inclusiveness of the Chinese-American community and by increased understanding of Chinese arts and culture."

Shanshan Sateren

Talent Promotion & Special Events


"What a joy it is to work with some very talented people in UCAFM! Together we will continue to help enriching the lives of Chinese in Fargo-Moorhead, and to foster unity and engagement with the local communities."

Yu Yao

Talent Promotion & Special Events

Chunju Gu

Youth Program

Lan Hu

Youth Program

Qing Wang


Yixuan Liu


"I'm honored to join this well-organized group of talents, who turn dreams into actions, to serve our local community. I'm excited to bring my passion and creativity to share with those who seek meanings in lives. Promoting mental health and self care with my fellow Chinese Americans."

Li, Jin

Volunteer Program

Jiang, Xiaohong

Volunteer Program

Zhehui Yang

Accounting, Tax Consultant

CPA, Noridian Healthcare Solutions

"I feel so fortunate and grateful to be part of Chinese Americans family in the FM area, and would love to serve it with my passion and heart."

Ying Wang


Gongyi Xia


Henry Guo

Director of communication

+1 701-526-4886