Youth Program

UCAFM will provide enrichment opportunities to students in Math, Science and Art related fields. In addition, UCAFM hosts workshops to promote communication, learning, and experience sharing for kids in different ages.


💡 "College Admission and High School Planning" workshop

The workshop was organized by UCAFM on July 12th, 2020. Five local high school students who graduated recently shared their experiences and suggestions on the following topics:

  •       ✔ College application process
  •       ✔ College scholarship opportunities
  •       ✔ High school courses planning, AP courses, and standardized tests planning and preparation
  •       ✔ Extracurricular activities

This event was organized to help younger students better prepare for high school planning and college application. Please DO NOT use it for commercial or illegal purposes.


💡 "Handbook of Children Education in Fargo Metro Area"

The handbook is published on January 1st, 2021, which covers general information for K-12 public schools in Fargo metro area. It also provides information about local kids’ activities, online resources, and daycare centers.

Math club

UCAFM offers tutoring to elementary and middle school students on problem solving related practices such as AMC 8, MathCounts and Tri-College math competition. The math club also provides volunteering opportunities for outstanding high school students.

💡 Currently, there are four math classes covering materials from 5th grade to 8th grade. Classes are taught by high school students who are passionate about math. Tutors and students meet once a week to learn new materials, polish math skills through exercises and games. Due to COVID-19, all classes are held online through Zoom meetings. Please check out the previous activities in math club here.

If you are interested in joining our math club as a tutor or student, please contact UCAFM for more information: info@ucafm.org

  •       ✔ A1: 8th grade
  •       ✔ A2: 7th grade
  •       ✔ B1: 6th grade
  •       ✔ B2: 5th grade
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